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MacGregor in two-year agreement to support multipurpose construction vessel

Written by Nick Blenkey
vessel will be installed with OnWatch Scout

MPV Everest

MacGregor has signed a two-year OnWatch Scout agreement and has been selected to supply spare parts and services for the multipurpose construction vessel, MPV Everest. Owned by Amsterdam-headquartered Maritime Construction Services BV, the 142 meter vessel is equipped with MacGregor AHC cranes,

MacGregor’s scope of supply encompasses dry dock spares, services and the installation of OnWatch Scout.

MacGregor’s solution for analytics and preventative maintenance, OnWatch Scout connects installed equipment to advanced monitoring systems that continuously analyze component conditions and predict maintenance needs. The system detects patterns and behavior from equipment data to identify risk of failure followed by recommended actions, spare parts and documents to address the issues.

“We are very pleased with our strong relationship with Maritime Construction Services and the trust they have in MacGregor,” says John Carnall, senior vice president, global services solutions, MacGregor. “The added value of OnWatch Scout will give them the ability to monitor and troubleshoot from onshore. I’m also proud as this is the first OnWatch Scout delivery in the Benelux countries,”

“To continue where others have to stop, that is the motto of the MPV Everest,” says Erik de Haas, commercial manager at Maritime Construction Services. “This can only be done safely and efficiently when you are making use of the right equipment and you are supported by the right people, on the vessel and onshore. The implementation of the OnWatch Scout system will support the teams, and underlines MCS’s commitment to delivering on our promises.”

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