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Everett Ship Repair Completes Major Project

Everett Ship Repair in Everett, Wash., has recently completed hull repairs and upgrades on the MV Excellence, a fisheries mothership processing vessel built in the 1970s in Japan. The 367.5 x 56 foot vessel is undergoing extensive upgrades to the onboard ammonia-based refrigeration system. These will provide additional refrigeration capacity without an increase in power demand.

The new refrigeration equipment was installed in a large opening cut below the waterline, necessitating drydocking. All equipment installation and hull repairs had to happen within a short four-week period to minimize disruption to the fishing season. After undocking, the MV Excellence returned to her Seattle homeport to complete and commission the refrigeration system.

One of the primary challenges of this project was its tight timeline. The scope of work in a four-week period included hauling the vessel, cutting a large access port in the hull, removing outdated refrigeration equipment, installing gas-tight steel boundary decks and bulkheads, repairing areas of wasted steel, hull paint repairs, and installing new anti-foulant sea chest anodes.

Due to the location and weight of the refrigeration equipment each item had to be rigged out of the vessel and carefully maneuvered into the reach of a pier side crane. Removals included two condenser units each weighing a staggering 17,000 pounds and two similarly sized ammonia reservoirs. Additional removals included wasted steel plate and unnecessary equipment foundations.

The installation of new components showcased the deck-plate engineering skill of Everett Ship Repair with the successful placement of five large pressure vessels, two compressor skids totaling more than 30,000 pounds in weight, and various materials for foundations, decks, and bulkhead panels. To facilitate the safe removal and reinstallation of this equipment, a temporary platform was constructed on the dry dock, enabling critical lifts within the working radius of the supporting crane.

Throughout the project, ESR collaborated closely with the vessel owner’s port engineers and DNV surveyors to ensure adherence to strict timelines and quality standards. The combined efforts of all the involved parties allowed the repairs to be completed and the MV Excellence to be undocked on schedule.

“The completion of the MV Excellence repair project exemplifies our commitment to delivering exceptional service and meeting the unique requirements of our clients,” said Gavin Higgins, CEO of Everett Ship Repair. “Very proud the team once again demonstrated their ability to execute complex marine repairs within demanding timeframes.”

Source: https://www.marinelog.com/shipbuilding/shipyards/shipyard-news/everett-ship-repair-completes-major-project/

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