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Golden Ray: Cutting operation gets back in the groove

Written by Nick Blenkey
Technicians on side of ship in basket

Technicians inspect cuts along the projected groove between Sections Three and Four of the Golden Ray wreck during pre-cutting operations.. [St. Simons Sound Incident Response photo.]

The St. Simons Sound Response team reports that cutting operations to separate Section Seven of the wreck of the capsized car carrier Golden Ray resumed over the weekend. Divers successfully placed the new cutting chain into the existing groove on the hull-side of the wreck.

Along the deck-side of the wreck, response engineers have established a new cut line due to underwater interferences which prevented divers from inserting the chain into the existing cut groove.

Responders continue to periodically pause cutting operations to inspect equipment and make adjustments when necessary.

Collected data from fixed monitors and hydrographic surveys confirm that the wreck remains stable.

Categories: News, Salvage, ShippingTags: capsized car carrier, Goden Ray, St Simons Sound Response

Read source:  https://www.marinelog.com/shipping/salvage/golden-ray-cutting-operation-gets-back-in-the-groove/

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