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Burnett Machine Co., Inc.

Atlantic States
924 Hanover St, Gastonia, NC, 28054, USA
704 867-7786
704 861-1376
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Burnett Machine Co. represents manufacturers all over the world and can supply your specific needs for hard to get replacement parts. Along with this, we have the ability to manufacture in our plant replacement parts in quantities of 100 pcs or more with extremely good prices. For more than 30 years, Burnett Machine Co, Inc. has supplied quality replacement parts for the textile, automotive, aircraft, printing, power-transmission, electrical and utility industries.Our main products over the past 20 years have been manufacturing and supplying alternative spare and replacement parts for machines such as; ®Volkmann, ®Schlafhorst winders, ®Marzoli spinning, drawing and carding, ®Sant’Andrea rub aprons, ®Savio Heat Set, ®Murata winding, twisting, ®Cognetex spinning and ®Gaudino spinning. As our textile industry has come under pressure from overseas competitors, we have began to switch a good percentageof our capabilities over to contract manufacturing parts of all types, with our vast knowledge of our own manufacturing capabilities and that of our suppliers around the world, we are capable of supplying a consortium of different components.
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